Realtors: How many sales is your website costing you?

If you’ve had the opportunity to work with Millennials  – those born from the early 1980s to 2000 – you know they expect all things technical to work all the time. They came of age in the digital world. They’re a  social generation with Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ wired into their brains.

Millennials are now 80 million strong; they’re excited about the future and they study the world at large through their smart phones.

Not only that, Millennials are teaching their parents how to thrive in the digital age. If your website isn’t up to snuff, you will most likely be ignored in favor of someone who has a fast loading, mobile friendly, informative site.

As house hunters, Millennials will have at least three apps downloaded on their smart phone that help them locate houses they might want to buy. If their parents are the buyers, the Millennial will no doubt be in the car with Mom and Dad, giving directions from a Google map showing all the available listings in the area. Mom and Dad love it! At any given time, you can have two generations hooked into your MLS via a smart phone.

So, what happens when they get to your listing? They take a picture of the house and one of your sign with their phone, then move on to the next listing.

Is your sign visible? Does it have  your website address? If not, you may as well have a kindergarten student make up a sign for you; Millennials probably won’t call you. They don’t want to waste time tracking you down instead of doing other things like complaining about not being able to find you online to their Face Book friends.

By lunch time, they might be down the street from your office eating burgers and fries while checking out the Realtor websites for each listing they’re interested in. What are they going to see?

Millennials social orientation makes it important to them that they know as much as possible about you.

Everybody in their world has more than one public profile, has selfies  posted online and is constantly updating their activities.

For example, does your website have a page titled something like, *FREE BUYER REPRESENTATION* that explains how you, as their exclusive agent, can show them any listing in the MLS free of charge? There are still house hunters from all generations who don’t know that buyers agents get paid by the sellers.

Millennials like to multi-task. They can have the mortgage payment computed for several properties and have analyzed the MLS listings long before reaching out to you.

While a smart phone carrying buyer doesn’t need a Realtor to find properties on the market, they do need one to get inside the homes they locate. Most important, buyers need Realtors to help them through all the details of contracts, negotiation, escrow and inspections.

The question is: what makes them decide to trust you with their investment?

I recently reviewed two dozen Realtor websites. I could not find one single About page that gave me an in-depth, personalized profile of the Realtor. In fact most were simply generic.

In writing about people the past few years, the one thing that struck me most in all my interviews is that people don’t sell themselves very well. Most folks are a shy about their accomplishments.

There’s magic in every one of us.

A skilled writer can highlight that personal brand of magic, set you apart from the competition and convince people to contact you.

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Author: Boomer
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