Suzanne’s FaceMaster; It Works! I’m looking younger.

tortoise-One day, the face in the mirror just wasn’t me. It was saggy, wrinkled and just plain depressing. I felt like an old turtle; problem was I had no shell to dive into. Numerous wrinkle creams on the market hadn’t worked for me. I looked old but felt young. My face and neck had betrayed me.

Turkey gobbler folds on my neck and laugh lines that had become craters around my eyes stared back at me, daring me to do something – anything.

Years earlier, I had read the Suzanne Somers book on Bio-identical hormones and, to my surprise, found the name of one of my old doctors in her index. Of course I made an appointment immediately and the rest is history – no more hot flashes or emotional slumps. (See my article on hormones.)

I Googled Suzanne to find out what else she had that was age-defying. And there it was, the Suzanne Somers FaceMaster. I watched her video on how the thing works. Its like an acupuncture face lift, using the acupuncture points with a very low voltage electric pulse to strengthen and lift the muscles under the skin.

Acupuncture face lifts done by an accredited doctor of acupuncture also work marvelously but you need a series of at least 10-15 weekly treatments to see real results. Depending on what your acupuncturist charges, you’re looking at costs between $800 and $2000.

The advantage is that acupuncture helps upgrade your whole body health and not just your face. Suzanne also uses the FaceMaster to decrease wrinkles by feathering lightly over the skin on the wrinkle lines. I could almost see some of my lines disappear in one of my sessions.

Of course, I shopped around the web – I never pay retail for stuff if I can help it – found the best deal, and bought one. I used it faithfully every day. Within a week, my neck became firmer and my cheeks looked less droopy. When I went to visit my sister, she tried it and Presto, it took ten days to make her look years younger.

Click on the ugly, long link below to see what the FaceMaster looks like:

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March 2016